Specialty Inhibitors

Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors

Invocor RCI Product Series

InvoCor RCI’s are a family of migratory corrosion inhibitors for the protection concrete reinforcing steel. They are typically used in silane based protective barrier coatings.

They are based on a synergistic mixture of amine carboxylates and vapor phase inhibitors. This synergistic mixture has been designed with a high degree of water solubility, providing excellent inhibitor transport (migration) through the concrete.

The products are supplied in three different product variations:

  1. InvoCor RCI-1360: This variation is cut in methanol so that it is easily incorporated and compatible with most commercially available silanes.
  2. InvoCor RCI-1370: This product variation is produced in water and is compatible in water-based silane modifications.
  3. InvoCor RCI-1380: This product variation is to be used as a concrete pretreatment prior to silane application. It has been modified with a synergistic blend of wetting agents to aid the initial concrete penetration.

InvoCor RCI-1360 Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor

Oil Field Applications

InvoCor OFCI-2001

InvoCor OFCI-2001 is a hybrid corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for “down-hole” corrosion protection. Specific product attributes include:

  • InvoCor OFCI-2001 is a powdered inhibitor based on a synergistically designed
    inorganic/organic chemistry package specifically engineered for “down-hole” corrosion
  • InvoCor OFCI-2001 has time released solubility that provides corrosion superior corrosion protection for a longer period of time than traditional organic chemistries used for these applications.
  • The inhibitive chemistry of InvoCor OFCI-2001 has a strong affinity for adsorption onto metal (steel) surfaces, reinforcing the protective oxide layer, thus providing improved protection in high chloride environments.
  • The additional vapor phase inhibiting properties of InvoCor OFCI-2001 provides improved corrosion protection at elevated temperatures.

InvoSpec OFCI-2001


InvoCor CI-1230

InvoCor CI-1230 is a liquid multi-metal organic corrosion inhibitor for use in water-based systems for the protection of brass, copper and steel, with excellent wetting properties and effective across a wide pH range, typically 6-12. Initially designed for use in detergent applications, i.e., car washes and metal cleaners. It will not adversely affect detergent foaming properties.

CI-1230 Data Sheet