InvoSpec OFCI Inhibitors

InvoSpec OFCI-2001 is a hybrid corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for “downhole” corrosion protection. Specific product attributes include:

  • InvoSpec OFCI-2001 is a powdered inhibitor based on a synergistically designed inorganic/organic chemistry package specifically engineered for “down-hole” corrosion protection.
  • InvoSpec OFCI-2001 has time released solubility that provides corrosion superior corrosion protection for a longer period of time than traditional organic chemistries used for these applications.

Blasted hot rolled steel panels after 168 Hrs. @ 50°C
in 5% sodium chloride solution.
Inhibitor loading @ 5%.

Left: Competitor A

Right: InvoSpec OFCI-2001

  • The inhibitive chemistry of OFCI-2001 has a strong affinity for absorption onto metal (steel) surfaces, reinforcing the protective oxide layer, thus providing improved protection in high chloride environments.
  • The additional vapor phase inhibiting properties of InvoSpec OFCI-2001 provides improved corrosion protection at elevated temperatures.


Left: InvoSpec OFCI-2001 @ 50° C

Right: InvoSpec OFCI-2001 @ 125° C

  • The naturally high pH and strong buffer capacity properties of InvoSpec OFCI-2001 improve its protection in sulfide environments.